Spidocook Spidocleaner - KEEP PERFORMANCE CONSTANT OVER TIME! Specially developed and tested, Spido Cleanspray detergent is the perfect product to clean the plates and steel structure of Spidocook™  collection products. The combined use with the scraper supplied with the electric contact cooking system guarantees fast, effective and hygienic clean. With maintaining at the end of each day; be always ready to use your electric contact cooking system that will keep its performance over time. Easy hygienic clean in 3 steps! 1 - Spay 2 - Wait 2 minutes 3 - Clean and rinse 

Spidocook Spidocleaner

Best quality surface to enjoy cooking with maximum versatility! Discover our Ceramic top & St./Steel body. Italian Contact Grill. See features and benefits in Video further below. Makes no smoke while cooking. Exceptional uniform heat distribution Cook what you want with temperatures at 752°F / 400°C (max. setting).Reduce time by 60% and make annual savings of up to 600 scraper included. Easy to clean and always ready to use! Find Spidoclean item in Accessory cleaner
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Spidocook Spidocleaner Spidocleaner Spidocook Spidocleaner Spidocleaner DB1046AO


  • description - 750 ml bottle

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