Commercial Sausage Slicer GS01 - The French Guillotine is the real tool design for sausages cutting! Perfect for artisanal sausages, dry sausages, Chorizo and more! Commercial Sausage slicer Easy to use with ergonomic handle Scalloped stainless steel blade St./Steel captive locking bolt St./Steel safety rollbar Non-slip feet. Cleaning Care Use a sponge slightly dampened with soapy water Dry immediately with a cloth or paper towelStore in a cool, dry area Do not put in a dishwasher

Commercial Sausage Slicer GS01

Country Flag Country of origin: France
Size SKU List Price Quantity
The “'Original” Commercial Sausage Slicer The “'Original” Commercial Sausage Slicer GS01


  • The “'Original” Commercial Sausage Slicer
  • length - 11''
  • width - 6.3''
  • height - 3.5''
  • package-length - 12''
  • package-width - 18''
  • package-height - 6''
  • package-weight - 2
  • product warranty - 3 Months Parts & Labor

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