Established in 1984 as Orved di Salvaro Marziano, the company has transformed over the years into a limited liability company and in July 2009, with 25 years of history and success at its back, it became a single member limited company. Orved S.p.A. belongs to a holding owned by long-time partners.

Do you Sous-Vide? Being in the hospitality business it’s unlikely the first time you’ve been asked. But one should really ask….do you Orved Sous-Vide?

Why? It would guarantee you peace of mind and quite simply the best results.

Sous-Vide cooking and vacuuming processes are all the rage these days it would seem, but one must realize that this isn’t a trend. It’s a tried and true set of techniques that benefit everything from the quality of your offering to your bottom line.

Did you know vacuum processes are used in a multitude of industries, from aviation to zoology and everything in between? Wouldn’t you want your vacuum machine to be designed specifically for culinary processes?

This is exactly what Orved is offering you: machines designed top to bottom to work in your tough kitchen environment.Through 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing professional tools for demanding chefs’ worldwide Orved has developed the most complete range of Vacuum machines and Sous-Vide solutions available on the market. Originally founded in Verona, Italy, in 1984 and now distributed in 121 countries. Orved specializes in the design, build, and continuous research and development of vacuum packing machines, MAP vacuum machines, bags, thermosealing units, accessories and Sous-Vide cooking systems that adapt to any situation. You will appreciate:


  • Intuitive interface
  • Flawless assembly
  • Built-in maintenance systems
  • Chambers with rounded corners
  • Versatility of in-chamber or out-of-chamber bag processing
  • ETL, ETL Sanitation listing

These are all intrinsic qualities of the Orved offering, and so is innovation. The recently launched Orved Bright Line incorporates the latest technologies in automated processes and the only patented units to offer a double chamber design to process liquids without fuss. Furthermore Orved is also Europe’s premier manufacturer of quality vacuum pouches; channelled, conservation and cooking pouches are all available in the Orved quality standard. With 100% Made in Italy design and manufacturing and the implementation of ISO 9001:2008 certification in the manufacturing of both machines and pouches you can rest assured that the Orved know-how will work for you.

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