Martellato Srl was born from an idea of ​​its founder many years before the registration with the Chamber of Commerce and the Register of Companies. His name and what has become today are due to a person,Nereo Martellato, Alessandro's father , the current sole director of the company. Nereo was deeply tied to the world of pastry and bread making.He appreciated the trouble of waking up early in the morning and the passion he felt when he was talking to a pastry chef or a baker. 
There was no product he invented that was not born of a need noted in a pastry shop, from a chat with a baker, from a look in a laboratory. In this way, Nereo realized that professionals needed a wider range of articles for pastry and cake molds , which in the '70s was rather small. At the beginning the company focused on solutions for pastry chefs and ice-cream makers, and in the nineties it also went to  catering services  and then over the years 2000 the wave of  cake design . 

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