Bron Coucke

Professional kitchen equipment In the 50's, at Thonon-les-Bains, on the edge of the Leman lake, near Geneva, Jean BRON decides to manufacture a manual vegetable slicer in steel, on the request of Chefs, instead of existing wooden items. The mandolin is born and Jean BRON is determined to make it well known in the whole world, associated with the BRON trademark, the little red flag. All professional kitchens in the world know the BRON Mandolin.

In 1975, after having moved to larger premises, the Jean BRON Company is bought by André COUCKE, native of the North of France and small textile manufacturer.
André COUCKE increases sales in a spectacular way, especially export sales. His son Didier, the actual Manager, decides to exhibit for the first time in 1984 at EQUIPHOTEL in Paris. In 1985 their efforts are rewarded with a National Exportation Award. In 1989, BRON-COUCKE Company innovates by launching the "Le Rouet" turning vegetable slicer, which cuts vegetables in fine strips and strings.

Today BRON-COUCKE continues to provide professional kitchens with simple, well-built, reliable solutions and to invest in the study of quality utensils. 

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