For over 40 years Sirman produces the best equipment for professionals Kitchen and distribution organizzata. Dalla first idea of the founder Nereo Marzaro to date, the company has evolved continuously with a modern and efficient internal organization and a team of 'excellence that works to ensure that products Sirman, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, are present in more than 500 stores in the domestic market and in 125 countries around the world. Today the company is recognized as a leader in the industry thanks to a wide range of equipment, characterized by the perfect combination of technology and reliability, innovative design and functionality, designed to meet the needs in the best way of restaurants, bars, pizzerias, butchers, supermarkets, laboratories and food industries. A great result obtained thanks the flair and skills of technicians and designers who, in laboratories equipped with the most advanced technologies, are committed every day in research and development of innovative and effective solutions to enrich the very wide range of products Sirman. A technical department R & D of 12 people, with 8 three-dimensional solid modeling, manages all phases of the study and design of every car that comes out of their factories. Simultaneously the sales force operates a relentless investigative work of the market to identify new trends and stay tuned on the real needs of customers. A synergy of collaborations with high professionalism that led Sirman to establish itself as the only true global player in the market Italian and significant international reality.

A modern assembly plant that is ahead of its time, with automated warehouse by 2,650 pallet positions in the service of the assembly departments offering flexibility and speed to the launch of production is geared to reload the finished goods inventory that the management of OEM productions. The assembly system to the individual islands specialized liability which follows the whole assembly phase. Experience ela expertise of its staff to count on a quality standard worthy of the best Italian tradition mechanics, indispensable for slicers most prestigious, little jewels of fine mechanics. The attention to people and the environment that has always been the philosophy of Sirman led to complete this building of 3,200 square meters with a 50-kW photovoltaic installation and an innovative heating system in the floor, which allows more than 40 people employed in work with maximum comfort in the winter months.

Structure of 2,700 square meters dedicated to the machining of all types of products Sirman. Orgoglio company for organization and efficiency, the department manages well 5 centers double table organized in three shifts. The new department which operates two cleaning robotic arms Kawasaki and 10 so-called 'smart turrets' is now among the most advanced in the world can offer perfect results even without human intervention. A historically hard and difficult work today has become easy and dignified thanks to investments made by the company in automation and thanks to a superb suction equipment and disposal of dust.

6,000 square meters divided into three separate production departments are run, the first manages the production of cabinets, induction plates and various other appliances for cooking, according to all the machines and bar blenders, the third grill plates, toasters and ovens pizza. The latter also self-sufficient for the production and finishing of metal sheets of stainless steel.

Today Sirman has ten production units, all strictly in land Veneta providing the best 'Made in Italy', and two sales offices and warehouse with foreign assistance, including one in Chicago since 1999 and in Shanghai from January 2005.

In the office Central are the shipping warehouse, quality control, the offices and the research and development department that counts on 8 stations of three-dimensional solid modeling to follow the development and commissioning of production of all products.

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